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SU Basketball Has Run Out Of Jerseys

Big H/T to reader Steve O. who spent his Sunday perusing the SUAthletics site, as you all should, and noticed a strange coincidence on the men's basketball roster. Check out the four incoming freshman (Kris Joseph, Mookie Jones, Brandon Reese and Kevin Drew) and see if you notice anything:

See! I knew all these jersey retirements were gonna come back and bite us in the ass. Now we'll never know what a Kris Joseph-Mookie Jones alley-oop would look like. They can't be on the court at the same time, not both wearing #13. Can someone at least take Scoop's number in the interim?

Looks like Eric Devendorf lost his number to two walk-ons. One torn ACL and all of a sudden it's back to square one, huh?

(Yes, I know it was probably just for the photos. Joseph is listed as #32, Mookie at #3, Reese at #24 and Drew at #25).

Update, I didn't even check Wesley Johnson, who is also wearing #13. Guess role players get #13, benchwarmers get #23. Glad it's settled.