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Steve Nash: Syracuse Orangeman?

Steve Nash wasn't exactly a top prospect when he came out of high school. He was Canadian, too (still is), and you know how much we all hate Canadians (except Rautins, he's good people). Nash went on to play at WCC Santa Clara from 1992 - 1996 where he had a stellar career, ending up a first-round draft pick by Phoenix Suns. The rest is history.

Meanwhile between '92 and '96 the Orange went to the NCAA Tournament three times, the Sweet Sixteen twice and played for the National Championship in '96. Ball-handlers such as Adrian Audtry and Lazarus Sims successfully controlled the floor for the Orange. So while it's probably not worth it to wonder how much better they could have been with Nash, it's notable that had it been up to Steve,
he would have been an Orangeman:
"I would have loved to have played for Coach Boeheim and for Syracuse," Nash said the other day. "You have to realize that I was under-heralded when I was in high school and not recruited, so to play for Syracuse would have been a dream come true for me. But we didn't get close at all. Nobody with the Orangemen cared or even saw me play."
Nash isn't bitter, how can he be considering the way his career has turned out? But you can't help but wonder, can't you? Nash was a fantastic player his senior year. Would he have been the difference that put the Orange over the top for the NCAA title? Like wondering how the football team would have fared if Ray Rice had come to Cuse instead of Rutgers, we'll never know.

Nash will at least get to fulfill his dream of playing in the Carrier Dome this Friday when the
Suns takes on the Nuggets in an exhibition match. A little later than he hoped.