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Stepping in for Troy Nunes is R.J. Anderson who's not an Absolute Magician

My name is Jameson and I'm a Cuseaholic.

I'll also be your substitute blogger for the next weeks as Sean has already mentioned below.

As he mentioned I ran CuseAdelphia for a little while and have moved on to bigger things. With that said, I'm a diehard Phillies fan and should they lose during the next two weeks I'll restrain myself from writing a post describing the ten highest places in the greater Syracuse area.

I'm a pretty busy guy as a full-time student at the 'Cuse and have my own assignments for CBS and Fox so my posting will be limited to probably two or three original posts a day.

I highly encourage all you loyal readers to send me links you feel appropriate to the site to my email at I also want to publish what I'll brand for two weeks as 'Cuse Chronicles. If you have a wonderful tail from your time on the hill about your roommate on Halloween trying to hook up with a sorority girl only to find out it's a guy dressed up as a Tri-Delt, send me those stories and we'll see how many I can get up on the site.

That's all I have to say for now, feel free to drop me an email about whatever, I'll be writing a 1000 word paper about being a war journalist so I'll gladly drop that and respond.