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The Right To Bear Arms In A Half-Court Trap

The Third Annual Coaches vs. Cancer Clinic is scheduled for October 18 at Cicero-North Syracuse High School and many of Syracuse's finest coaches will be there. Women's Head Coach Quentin Hillsman and SU Men's Assistant and Heir-Apparent Mike Hopkins will be on hand to teach some valuable lessons on improving fundamentals and coaching.

There will be other speakers on hand as well, each of which will bring their one personal lessons and ideas to the table for listeners to learn from. One such speaker is Ben Drake, athletic director and head coach at Jamestown High School. While Hillsman, Hopkins and the other speakers will be teaching about basketball fundamentals such as transition offense and guard development, Drake will apparently be enlightening folks on how he keeps law and order inside the walls of JHS. The name of his topic?
"Utilizing the Gun to Enhance Your Program."
I know, I know, it sounds a little...liberal with the rules, but hear me out on this. Just watch this demonstration on how to cool down the hot hand of your opponent using the Ben Drake Method:

You're telling me Donte Greene wouldn't have been a better defender last year with a bolt action rifle in his hand? I rest my case.