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The Resurrection Of Coach P Is Upon Us

I've said it before, I'll say it again. The greatest crime of the Greg Robinson Era is how much it legitimized Paul Pasqualoni's legacy. Coach P looks like Vince Lombardi next to his successor and his "on paper" stats and records only heighten that. Although to be fair, Paul is actually doing a lot on his own to re-imagine himself, to the point where you shouldn't be surprised if Pasqualoni is back as a head coach again somewhere soon.
After serving for three seasons in Dallas with the Cowboys, Paul is in sunny South Florida . . . and thriving . . . and making serious money. And he's doing so with lifetime professional sidekick George DeLeone on the Dolphins' staff with him. It does, then, look like we're in the early stages of a happily-ever-after tale for P, whose body of work here in Syracuse cannot be disputed.
As I'm sure you know, P is the defensive coordinator for Bill Parcell's Dolphins (does any other NFL GM get the kind of credit Parcells gets? Would you refer to them as Ted Thompson's Packers? Is it to Parcells' credit or Tony Sparano's lack of credits?). His defense is currently ranked 8th in the league overall and 7th against the run. The Dolphins are officially Team Frisky in the NFL and the defense has a lot to do with that.

What does it all mean? Well, credit where credit is due to P for rebuilding himself from the ground up. After his time was over with the Cuse he was banished to the assistant coach depths of the Cowboys (not a bad place to be banished to, though). From there he worked his way back up and found himself in the good graces of the right person to be in the good graces of...Bill Parcells.

Probably best not to get carried away just yet. You can go from being golden boy to just another coach quicker than you think (just ask Skip Holtz). But if the defense can hold then you might be looking at a situation where Paul Pasqualoni is in line for another head coaching gig very soon. I mean, he's proven himself a solid DC in the NFL, he's got the Parcells' seal of approval and, on paper, a very nice head coaching record in college with strong Northeastern recruiting ties. You don't think Virginia would take a look at him after they fire Groh? Or Temple (yes, Temple) might not be interested after Al Golden takes whatever job he'll take this off-season? Or East Carolina?

So in case you're wondering how long it takes to go from bottom of the coaching heap to vindication...four years. It takes four years. Greg Robinson will be happy to hear that.