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The Quest For Toronto Draws To A Close

The Quest-O-Meter's slow and steady decline into nothingness is nearing its end. The bye week only prolongs what we already know to be true. The Orange will not be participating in the International Bowl this season. Then again, don't tell that to Greg Robinson.

Offensive Coordinator Mitch Browning is a little more, what's the word...realistic:
When told of Robinson's view a few minutes later, Mitch Browning, Syracuse's offensive coordinator, didn't roll his eyes. But his comments proved that he was, in fact, orbiting a bit closer to reality than was his boss.

"Can we win five in a row?" Browning repeated. "I don't know about that. But I do know we can't win five unless we first beat Louisville."
Browning didn't roll his eyes because he was too busy thinking about how he's going to redecorate Robinson's office when he moves in there in three weeks.