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Paul Harris Is Unaware Of Any Impending Credit Card Fraud Trials

It was Media Day yesterday for SU Basketball and there's plenty to talk about. Let's start with Jim Boeheim who, for the first time in a while, has the luxury of a deep bench. So who's starting?
"Anything’s possible as far as who is going to start at this stage. After the injuries last year, we didn’t have many decisions to make. We played the guys as long as they could stand up. This year we expect to be able to play nine guys minimum. You know, get Jonny out and get him some rest. Eric can play point, Andy can play the two or three, Mookie Jones can play the two or the three and Kris Joseph can play the three or four. We obviously have a lot more depth than last year. There’s no question that we got worn down in some situations and in some games and that shouldn’t happen this year."
Both freshman can expect to see some decent PT this season? They must be pretty good...

e guy who's not going to be part of the fun is Scoop Jardine who, it was officially noted, will be redshirted this season due to a stress fracture in his leg. As for whether or not Sean Williams will join Scoop on the redshirt list, Jimmy said "We haven’t made any plans about anyone else other than Scoop."

And of course, Jimmy brings that certain something to the press conference that is so sorely lacking from Greg Robinson's repertoire. When asked who the sixth man will likely be...
"I think I have an idea. I have an idea about a lot of things. I have an idea the stock market is going to get better but I wouldn’t rush down to Merrill Lynch right now."
Pork bellies, Jim. I'm telling you...invest in pork bellies.

But the standout of the day has to be Paul Harris. Do-it-all Paul truly can do it all, except
remember exactly who is on the roster and who isn't. Here's Paul discussing why the 3-spot is the best position for him:
I think because of the new freshman we have and Eric Devendorf is even better at the two man than me. And you have Josh Wright, Jonny Flynn so that's why.
And then there's Paul responding to how much fans should expect of the freshmen:
Sometimes you need experience too, we have Eric Devendorf, he's on the ball. Even Josh Wright too, I think he's going to have a great year and be a leader.
Josh Wright? I don't think he'll be doing much leading this season, Paul. He's, um, busy. Although why do I get the feeling that Paul has been referring to Andy Rautins as Josh Wright this whole time and no one's bothered to correct him?

Oh and then there's some video over here from WTVH, which include the sub-heading you'll notice to the right there. Paul Harris, Never Been Tourney? WTVH Graphics Guy, Never Been English Class.

Mike Water
s has a whole rundown on media day. So does the D.O. Sports Blog.

Basketball's almost back, you guys. Rule.

HT: Brian G.