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Paging Andrew Robinson...

So, is it time to bench Cam Dantley, or at least make this a two-headed monster?

Let's face it, the season is lost. The only thing left to do is try and eek out a win or two and basically prepare for 2009. One of the great tragedies of Greg Robinson is that since he really does believe that the Orange can still go to a bowl game (or at least now has to pretend that he actually believe it), he's not going to look at the remaining season as a training period.

Of course we know that Greggers would have inserted squire Robinson into the game on Saturday, if only he were capable of multitasking. But Greg was busy working hard with the defense late in the 4th quarter of a blowout where his team has no chance of coming back. You can understand how that was more important.

From here on out, it should basically be a revolving door contest to see who takes the early lead in the 2009 starting quarterback sweepstakes. Cam Dantley and Andrew Robinson, both returning next season, naturally should get the bulk of those snaps. But I'm not opposed to getting Cody Catalina and David Legree involved in some level as well. Especially if a game becomes a blowout.

Jared Diamond of the D.O. says its time, at the very least, to
give the starting job back to Big Daddy Drew.
Dantley is running out of opportunities, and that's why it is time to switch back to Andrew Robinson. He got a raw deal to begin the season, being benched after one poor performance on opening day coming off a solid season as the starter last year.

I don't know if Robinson is much better than Dantley, but I do know Dantley hasn't been good enough to warrant keeping his spot. Robinson won't be worse than Dantley. He may even be better.
Andrew did look atrocious in the Northwestern game. And we were told (after the fact) that he looked "off" all spring and fall. But it's also fair to say that Greg Robinson did Andrew no favors by allowing him to start the season when he knew for a fact that something was wrong. He delayed the inevitable QB switch and probably put a fairly strong dent in Drew's confidence by making the switch in-season.

At this point though, what's the harm to make it an open battle? And what's the harm in letting the younglings get involved? If Greg Robinson believes he's going to be here in 2009 which, sadly, I think he might, surely he can see the importance of letting everyone play at this point so he can make an informed decision after it's over. Who knows, maybe it'll even provide a spark for the sputtering offense.

You never know.
Well, there's one way to never know, by just continuing to do what's not been working and hope for the best. That is the Greg Robinson way after all.