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Outside The Loins

If I were making a porno version of Outside The Lines, I feel confident that's the name I'd go for. It's doesn't EXACTLY make sense, as I'm sure you'd much more likely want the see action "inside" the loins, but you get the gist. Plus, it sounds so much classier than something like Rimjobbers Academy 7, so maybe that'll bring in the female demographic. You know, they like the fantasy of it all...

ANYWAY, watched the Outside The Lines piece on Syracuse and it was pretty much how it's been described. Just a rehash of the GameDay video plus :60 with our esteemed Brent Axe. Axe got across all the salient points...Robinson is a dead man walking, he's probably gonna get "Zook'd," Kiffin is on our short list and SU Alum Al Davis probably won't be making his yearly donation if that goes down.

Seems like ESPN is just trying to get as much mileage as they can out of the SU Stinks breakdown they made. Bad news for SU in the national limelight. But good news for Brent Axe whose popping up on the Worldwide Leader more and more these days. He'll be co-hosting Stump The Schwab in no time.

(Oh, Axe, never EVER tell me you're going to be on TV again. I have Tivo and a camera. A dangerous combination..)