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OrangeTube 10/6

First and foremost, Kenny's back even in a bye week. With the free time he discusses his thoughts on the next head coach of Syracuse football. That's a lovely plant, FYI. Good work as always, Kenny, hopefully your Incredible Hulk-like departure at the end of the video means you're moving on to another small town to provide help for those who need it and dispense advice about the state of Syracuse sports. Don't make Kenny angry, you wouldn't like him when he's angry (Actually yes you would):

Is it me or is the background music in this video not exactly meshing with the footage?

A very well-made, if not vehemently pro-Nittany piece on SU vs. Penn State:

More Kings' Fandemonium and more Donte Greene. This time he gets his interviewin' gameface on: