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Optimism Has No Place Inside The Carrier Dome Walls

Big East blogger Brian Bennett over at ESPN has built up a solid daily rundown over at the WWL fairly quickly and if you're not already checking it out its worth your time to stop by each day. It's not just news and links, he's also looking for fan opinions and comments. Specifically, with the state of the Big East so wide open, he asked fans to plead their cases as to why their team still has a shot to win the conference title. Somehow, someway and for some unknown reason, a mysterious Syracuse fan actually decided to plead his case for the Orange.
We hung with Pitt, who beat USF. Pitt will stumble because that is what they do very well. WVU's two losses were against teams with ball control games and SU has an outstanding group of backs that will keep White and Co. off the field. Plus we are coming off a bye week so we are fresh. Going off of that we only have two games in October so we'll be ready for a November run. "The Express" movie is premiering and that is the edge our players need mentally.
True, that worked so well against Penn State.
USF is beat up on the defensive line so SU will ball control and run on them. UConn showed they are just above 1-AA with their schedule and SU's only win is against 1-AA Northeastern at this time. Rutgers is of old and we will go back in time and beat them straight up. Every team in every conference always struggles with someone (i.e. Oregon ST. is USC's thorn). SU has Louisville's number and on paper they should win, but in the Dome in front of parents and friends we just know how to beat them.
We do?
Cincy is the tough one. SU's defense line is horrible, but they are on QB No. 4 or 5 or something like that so that equalizes. Our passing will kick in to compliment our running and did I mention we will have a new coach announced by then? This new coach factor is HUGE. Look at Ron Zook's run at Florida as a lame duck coach. The pressure is off, they become more loose. Robinson will go for broke, become more creative, shed his boring NFL coaching style and ask himself why he didn't do it earlier.
Naturally, he didn't give his name. Good ideas though...DOCTOR Gross... Sorry Daryl, you gave it away with the "we will have a new coach announced by then." We all know you're DYING to tell somebody, anybody, that that's your plan. Well done.