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The Mellow Sounds Of Melo

Who's jersey should be retired first, Carmelo Anthony or Gerry McNamara? More obvious question, who's jersey WILL be retired first?

To the former, I'd say G-Mac but the answer to the latter is Carmelo. The way Carmy (just to spice things up) has been talking about the last couple days I'm willing to bet it's already been agreed to by DOCTOR Gross to coincide the opening of The Melo Center with Anthony's jersey ceremony.

That's fine, I guess (you know how I feel about that stuff). But I don't know man, have a little dignity about it. Don't openly "campaign" to have your jersey retired. I can deal with the lack of snitchin' and the drinkin' and the fightin' as long as you carry yourself with a little confidence. We don't need you to remind us how good you were every time we see you, we know how good you were (and are). Don't be like every baseball player who played in the 50's and 60's (we get it, TVs were black and white, you didn't have steroids and you were good. Have a Fig Newton). Don't be That Athlete.

Anyway, Carmelo spoke on this topic and many others with our friend Danny Parkins of WAER today and the interview in-full is now live on WAER's brand new blog on They've also got info and audio from some of the recent SportsNight programs on WAER, stay a while and look around.