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Matt Grothe Wants You To Eat More Bread

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USF QB Matt Grothe is having a very nice season, thank you very much (106 of 165 for 1,304 yards, 9 TDs, 3 INTs). He's emerged as the best quarterback in the conference, or at least the healthiest. And he's got the Syracuse defense standing across the field from him this weekend. Which brings us to...

The Every Wednesday of the Football Season Magic HappyTime Contest. Last week we guessed how many points Pat Shadle would have and the winner, Sam (who has yet to claim, email me Sam!), hit it on the head. Who will win the $20 Panera Gift Card this week? Will it be YOU!?!?!?
Hell if I know.

But here's your chance. Tell me...HOW MANY PASSING YARDS MATT GROTHE WILL HAVE ON SATURDAY? many passing TDs will he have? So leave a comment below with his passing totals (rushing yards and TDs will not count) and the closest person can bask in the gory of flaky crust all next week. Good luck and thanks as usual to Panera Bread and our generous benefactor at The Sport Hump.