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The Madness is Back

Nobody broke any backboards this year, but the night known as Midnight Madness at 8:00 PM was still filled with excitement and a bit of awkwardness. I personally didn't find this Midnight Madness nearly as awesome as last year's. There was a more raucous atmosphere last year with a much better dunk contest and of course Arinze Onuaku's impressive demolition of the backboard.

This year there was less flare in the introductions and throughout the entire night.

What SU Athletics Got Right:
  • They cut down on the video messages. There was a nice message from Carmelo, Steve Nash, and Bill Raftery. They were short, to the point, and didn't kill the mood.
  • The Women's team received a proper introduction and great applause from the crowd.
  • Coach Quentin Hillsman entering in a boxing robe and sparring with Otto was priceless. He beat him to a pulp. Pun 100% intended.
  • Giving Jim Boeheim a gigantic gold medal for his role with the American basketball team that steamrolled to a gold medal win in Beijing.
  • Letting Jonny Flynn be himself. They gave him a microphone to introduce a charity event and he excelled as a speaker and showed off his great personality. Later they held a danceoff and Flynn grinded up on a 50-60 year old woman who definitely enjoyed Flynn's presence. His Crank dat Soldier Boy dance was the highlight of the night.
What SU Athetlics Got Wrong:
  • They gave out inflatable plastic basketballs. People threw them around constantly and had to be warned several times not to throw them on the court. Definitely a mood killer.
  • They took away the stands behind the farside of the arena and replaced it with a VIP area.
  • Leo Rautins was awful as an MC. He was just awkward throughout the night and didn't really captivate the audience.
  • The dunk contest was awful until Paul Harris' last dunk of the night.
  • Sean Williams refused to dance in the danceoff. When he did it was a half hearted effort for about five seconds.
  • No Sour Sitrus Society. Why? I'm not sure, but they should have been there.

Alex from WSTM also has great video and a great recap. also has this great photo gallery.

I have two videos emailed to me also, when I figure out how to get them to work they'll be put up. If you want to see them, email me and I can send you the files.

Jameson is filling in while Sean is on vacation in parts unknown. If you have a tip, want to tell him he sucks, or shouldn't be writing in the third person, send it to him at