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Been swamped today (damn you, employer!) so here's some stuff I didn't get to...
  • We have lacrosse captains. And one is named Spencer Van Schaack...pretty sure he was a villain in an 80's sleepaway camp movie...Dave Rahme
  • Um, Cody Jamieson, anytime you're ready pal...Dave Rahme
  • Syracuse football rated #121 in the Sagarin Rankings. Behind Elon. ELON...Donnie Webb
  • And naturally, we're still in The Bottom Ten and Greg is in the Coaches Hot Seat...The Orange Squeeze
  • Maybe this is all Joe Glenn's fault. (I still blame Pete Carroll)...Donnie Webb
  • How will the economic situation affect Syracuse football attendance?...The Orange Squeeze
  • Ernie Davis' legacy lives on long after his
  • Guess who made this Worst Mascots list?...Fox Sports (HT: Dale)
Fight Gone Bad comes to Cuse to raise Prostate Cancer awareness: