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Ladies And Gentlemen, We Have A Marketing Campaign

That's the image you're greeted with when you log on to today. Jonny, Arinze and Paul are officially the Magic, Kareem and Worthy of the college ranks as SHOWTIME becomes the official slogan on the 2008-2009 season. Sorry Devo and Rautins, Showtime doesn't lend itself to gimps. Or Canadians.

One question though...NO KRISTOF!?!?!? You can kiss our Belgian season ticket holders goodbye. Nice job, guys.

Of course, this is all to promote the fact that said season tickets are on sale now. Individual tickets go on sale October 22nd. Go get some. A quick perusal of TicketMaster shows that new Season Tickets are only available in the 300s at the moment so if you're planning on doing that, do it soon. Or find out whoever it is that just bought SU a private jet and see if he has any spares.