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La La La La Daryl Gross Can't Hear You La La La La

Daryl Gross has officially entered the "no specific comment about the situation" mode, the surest sign that a coaching change is imminent. News 10's Mark Larson asked whether or not Gross would give Robinson the public vote of confidence or if he could confirm whether or not Greggers would make it to December for sure. Gross went from light speed to vaguery speed:
"All of us that care about SU football, all have the same objective and that is to have a successful football program. We are working to ensure that we will have a program that we are proud of."
Honestly, if I'm Greg Robinson, I yearn for the days when Gross was openly bashing me in the press. At least then I know he was still emotionally invested in me. Now it just sounds like he's biding time.

Larson also asked the Lane Kiffin candidacy follow-up.
"Lane is a great coach. Any other discussion would be totally inappropriate."
Me thinks Gross learned his lesson from when he told Axe that Kiffin would be a viable candidate. That probably didn't go over too well.

The end is nigh.