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The Kings Want Donte Greene To Feel At Home

There was preseason basketball last night and as always Cuse Country is the source for all your recap needs. G-Mac's woes continue in Utah, Etan Thomas made his return to the basketball court and Hakim done did good.

And then there's Donte Greene who scored 18 points in 23 minutes of gameplay. Which is extremely notable when you factor in that he was playing the entire game upside-down. Kinda.

Notice anything weird about the "2" in Donte's jersey? Click on the photo to see it larger or check it here. Compare it to the one on Sheldon Williams' jersey. Yep, if that's not a clear enough sign that Donte's gonna be traded again in a couple days, I don't know what is.

Credit to Ryan Hossner and Bonnie Noble who caught it and sent photos to UniWatch. You can check out more photos of Donte's anti-2 there.

(H/T: J.P.)