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Just In Case You Weren't Aware, We Suck

Another day, another national news piece proclaiming our suckatude.

I haven't actually seen today's Outside The Lines piece yet but as I understand it they basically replayed that GameDay video (which I also saw multiple times during college football halftimes this past weekend) and followed it up with an interview with The Axeman. The Orange Squeeze saw the whole thing and runs down the gist of Axe's appearance:
The Axeman hits the "rookie" running back fiasco hard and then answers the question about Lane Kiffin and SU. Ending with the same comment he said on the radio yesterday "It might be Al Davis' gift to his alma mater, giving them his ex coach".
I'm curious to hear the specifics so I'll check it out tonight. But in the meantime, let's all take pleasure in reading the official OTL description of the episode:
It is safe to say that Syracuse football is in the worst chapter of its history since the program's inception in 1889. In 2005, when Greg Robinson was hired as the 27th head coach in program history, it was expected he would bring a keen defensive mind to the program. Four seasons later, Robinson has a combined record of 8-32 and the Orange faithful are collectively calling for his job. The 14th winningest college football program of all time, which in recent history produced the likes of Marvin Harrison, Donovan McNabb and Dwight Freeney, did not have one player drafted in the 2008 NFL draft for the first time in 33 years. Today "Outside the Lines" (ESPN, 3 p.m. ET) examines the steep decline of the Syracuse football program.
Daddy, make it stop.