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  • Breaking: Jesus Christ is the new head coach of Syracuse football...HoyaSuxa
  • Don't look now but there's already competition for Lane Kiffin...The Orange Squeeze
  • More pros and cons for Lane Kiffin...Bleeding Orange
  • What about Andruw Jones as SU's head football coach?...Orange Fizz
  • Get up to speed on all the Cuse alums in the NBA...Cuse Country
  • Syracuse Beer Week is coming, are you ready?
  • Looking at SU football stats somehow makes it all seem even worse...The Orange Report
  • The SU Basketball team has begun informal workouts. Mookie Jones looks good...D.O. Sports Blog
  • How does Gerry keep finding new ways to hurt himself in NBA tryouts?...Deseret News
  • Ryan Durand is a semifinalist for the Draddy Trophy...SUAthletics
  • Coach MacPherson on the radio...Legends Channel
  • SU Women's Ice Hockey loses it inaugural game but puts up a good
  • Worried about your money in the current economy? Might want to invest in a 401-Keg plan...WallStreetFighter
D.O. Sports Reporters recap the first half the football season. And do a little dance.

On the Beat S1E7 from The Daily Orange on Vimeo.