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I Will Often Think Of You When I Am Wearing Less Than Pants

Tonight, I board a plan to Parts Unknown (I imagine it's a huge town filled with strange and dubious masked wrestlers). The next time you hear from me it will be November 8th, give or take, and who knows where we'll all be by then.

In the meantime, let me introduce your caretaker for the next two weeks, Jameson. You might know him from his interaction with the site in the past but in case you're wondering who this ruffian is and what right he has to run this ship, let me show you...

You may remember him from his time on
Flag We Love Orange! or as the proprietor of CuseAdelphia (which means you better hope the Phillies lose, otherwise he'll be insufferable). He's bigtime now, writing items for Fox Sports, CBS Sports and can even be seen in an upcoming issue of ESPN the Magazine. Lucky I got him now for peanuts. Literally...a bag of salted nuts.

He'll chime in later today or tomorrow and then the floor is officially his. If you have links/tips/issues/stories, please send them his way (he'll tell you where). Especially stories...if you've got a Cuse-related story you've been dying to tell, now's the time. Make sure it's funny though. If it's not I'll fly back and delete it myself. I've got the frequent flyer mileage to do it...

Oh and, I wasn't kidding, at least SOME of you lunatics must be dressing up as Greg Robinson for Halloween, right? it.

Be well, go Cuse and enjoy every sandwich. Catch you on the flip flop.