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I Thought I Hit My Sexual Assault Post Quota Already...

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Alright, here we go...

As we know, the Syracuse police are in the middle of an investigation into a sexual assault involving the SU football team. The Post-Standard's Robert A. Baker gets some details...
  • City police were called to the SU campus about 5 a.m. Tuesday by a female student, police said in a news release.
  • No individuals are being named at this time.
  • Police have interviewed all involved in the allegations.
  • The university is going to hold off on any internal investigation until the Syracuse Police have done theirs, thereby avoiding a University of Iowa-sized scandal.
Donnie Webb also notes that SU Athletics is pointing all questions and concerns to the Syracuse Police for the time being. However, spokesman Kevin Morrow, who is seriously earning his paycheck these days, did release the following statement:
"As the Syracuse Police Department indicated Wednesday," Morrow wrote, "it is investigating an alleged sexual assault of a female SU student. The University is cooperating fully with the Syracuse Police Department's Abused Person's Unit (APU) and following the police department's direction will refrain at this time from proceeding with a University investigative action so as not to interfere in any way with the APU's process. "Due to the sensitive nature of this matter neither the Syracuse Police Department nor the University during the course of the investigation will release the identity of anyone allegedly involved. As the investigation is in its early stages and no determination has yet been made that a crime has in fact occurred, the University discourages speculation on what happened and who may have been involved.

Questions should be directed to the Syracuse Police Department."

And Greg Robinson thought he had problems before...