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I Dare Any Alum To Recommend Coach P For The SU Gig

Is the next Syracuse head coach going to be decided by the number of endorsements received from former players? Certainly seems that way. Last week it was Rob Konrad and his push for Steve Addazio. This week we have a letter from former Orangeman Matt Neenan who endorses Randy Edsall. He also finds a little time in the letter to work out some emotional issues of his own...
My name is Matt Neenan, a former player for the Orangemen in the early 90's. I wanted to put my request in for Randy Edsall as a head coach candidate. Randy recruited me from Williamsport, Pa. as an offensive lineman. Coming out of high school I was a 1st team USA Today All American, 1st Team Super Prep All American, and a Pa. heavyweight state wrestling champion. I ended up having a mediocre career at SU due to a knee injury that I suffered from a very stupid off the field event.
Stay on point, Matt...
My point is, however, at that time coming out of high school I could have went to any school in the country that I wanted to go to. I had full scholarship offers from PSU, Notre Dame, USC, Stanford, Miami, Fla. State among others. I chose to go to SU. In large part because of Randy Edsall.
Matt also takes a little time to let it be known how he feels about the Coach P Legacy and the current state of players:
The last thing I would like to say is that people can say what they want about firing coach P and George Deleone. Those guys were competitors and winners and when I was in school we had more than 1 top ten team. We did not have players come out in the media and say "we played our hearts out" after losing to Akron????? I think that during that time a player would be scared to death to ever breath those words after a loss to a team like that'
That last part is very much agreed upon. That's "culture of losing" kind of stuff and it must be sad for someone who played at SU during such a strong time in the program to hear and see this.

Stay tuned as I'm sure Quentin Spotwood's recommendation of his high school football coach is coming any day now...