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HFAW Week 10

How Fucked Are We? Week 10
by Ray Biggs

Team: Louisville
Record: (5-2)
Last Week: W 24-20 USF
This Week: Syracuse. gah.
How Fucked Are We?: Based on the USF Fiasco alone and the fact that they beat USF, we're pretty damn fucked. Of course I cant go without saying that every team has its day and maybe that was Louisville's. But barring last year's game happening again, we are likely fuckeddd.

Team: Rutgers
Record: (3-5)
Last Week: W 54-34 Pitt
This Week: bye
How Fucked Are We?: A little more fucked than we thought. They aren't who we thought they were. Denny Green's having trouble sleeping now. How we fare depends on one thing and one thing only: Which Syracuse team will show up? If the Syracuse we remember from the first 3 quarters of the Pitt Game shows up, we have a chance to win this game. If the Syracuse from the USF game shows up, I suggest turning off your television and crying in the fetal position.

Team: UConn
Record: (6-2)
Last Week: W 40-16 Cincinnati
This Week: West Virginia
How Fucked Are We?: Uber Fucked. Donald Brown is going to individually transform every defensive player we have into a shriveling mass nothing. What I be sayin is, Fughetaboutit.

Team: Notre Dame
Record: (5-2)
Last Week: W 33-7 Washington
This Week: Pittsburgh
How Fucked Are We?: I think we're fucked in this one. Just an observation, but i think its questionable how good this team actually is since they've played a few cupcakes. We'll have a much better indication of how we'll fare against the Domers once they play Pitt.

Team: Cincinnati
Record: (5-2)
Last Week: L 40-16 UCONN
This Week: USF
How Fucked Are We?: Fucked, but not as fucked as we think. These guys play about as well as Rutgers, so i think if we can't beat Rutgers or Louisville, we'll somehow find a way to pull this out and give us a 2nd win. And if we don't win, cue the crying child and call it a day. The QB situation at Cincinnati can definitely help us as well because they're down to their fourth QB. Win or lose, I think Greggers will be loading up his U-Haul when it's all said and done. Mr. "insert awesome new coach's name here", your new job awaits.

Ray Biggs is an avid SU fan who proclaims he has too much time on his hands. He'll be helping Jameson get some weekly features on the blog. Jameson is filling in for Sean while he prances around in the land of soccer fairies known as England. Any tips or tales from your time on the hill send to him at