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Gregisms 10/31

Showcasing the accidental wit and wisdom of Syracuse coach Greg Robinson.

Some tidbits from his Tuesday Louisville press conference...

On how much playing time Delone Carter will see:
"Time will tell."
What does Greg consider progress for the final month of the season?
"We need to win just to win."
On the defense:
"They have flashed"
The difference between this year's Louisville team and last year's Louisville team:
"Compared to last year, I think that they're a different team."
It's nice to know things are business as usual back home. As to how long they stay that way, time will tell. Time will most certainly tell.

Then again, there's also this:
"There was productivity in the second half of play against Pitt and at West Virginia. It wasn't points, though, or it wasn't touchdowns. That's the thing that needs to be addressed and continues to be addressed is that we have to get the explosive plays. Really, the second half of South Florida was really our first half of bad football probably of the year."
Brain...hurting...must...refrain...self from...running...through...the streets...of England...screaming...