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Gregisms 10/14

Showcasing the accidental wit and wisdom of Syracuse coach Greg Robinson.

Greg was in rare form during his presser today:
Are we going to be the same team that was on film last Saturday (against West Virginia) or are we going to be a different team? That's what we're going to find out this week.
Thank you, Greg. For explaining how life works. It's all so clear now. Next up, his thoughts on USF QB Matt Grothe:
"I think there's a fine line in there...We've got to contain. This guy can throw the heck out of the football. We're going to have to disrupt him. He's going to get out sometime. I'm talking to myself - you've got to be careful not to overreact. He is creative at making plays. I've seen Flutie and a bunch of those types. He has that knack about him. If you worry so much about containing him and you let him sit in that pocket, this guy can eat you up. There's a fine line."
There's a fine line between...what? You have to actually give us choices so that we can ascertain the difference between said choices to determine what the result would be on each side of your fine line. Complete thoughts, Greg. I thought we've been through this.

"Flutie and a bunch of those types?" Who, short people?" I didn't take you for a heightist, Greg. For shame.

And then there's this...everything you need to know about Syracuse Football in 2008 summed up in one paragraph:
Quite frankly, I was very pleased with what was going on throughout the fourth quarter there. I thought our team ... it was different. We looked like we were in command. That's a step in the right direction. On the road. We just didn't win the football game. We didn't finish it off right. The bottom line is, that team ... we looked like we were doing all we could to win the football game."
We did everything right...except win the game, you guys. So lay off...cause we did, like, 87 other things correctly. That's good enough in Greg's book and it should be good enough in yours. Except