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Greg, Seriously, Let's Wrap This Up

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I went all weekend without thinking about Greg Robinson. It was a blissful time. A great chance to catch up on so many things in life. Art. Culture. Fashion.

And of course that means I spent most of my weekend watching football. Good football. The kind that plays defense and tackles and has an efficient offensive gameplan. It was nice.

But now its Monday and it's a game week and so, I must think about Greg Robinson once more. Looks like the boys over at the Daily Orange have been doing plenty of thinking themselves. They've decided to weigh the pros and cons of firing Robinson now versus firing him at the end of the season (the option for not firing him has long since expired).

First, let's take a look at the better-sounding option from Andy McCullough, why Greg Robinson should be fired RIGHT NOW.
Wins: eight. Losses: thirty-two. Robinson is 8-32 in his three-plus seasons. There is a cold reality in those numbers, an easy trump card to explain why this head coach should be axed sooner than later.

This year is only an extension of that. The Orange is 1-4. While the offense has improved under new coordinator Mitch Browning, the defense has floundered. This unit ranks below 100th place in every major statistical category right now: Rushing defense, passing defense, total defense, sacks, whatever, name a stat, the Orange probably dwells in the basement.

Oh, by the way, Robinson runs the defense.
We tend to forget that amongst all the other horrible things going on...Greg Robinson is a DEFENSIVE SPECIALIST! Remember that next time you see our stats.

Taking the burden off of Gross and the players are also given as reasons for making the move now but in the end the biggest reason is also the most obvious. Getting rid of Robinson now...gets rid of Robinson. He's not just a bad coach at this point, he's a figurehead of failure for the program. He's a symbol that anyone can point to at any given moment to see how bad we are. Cut him loose and maybe we don't get better but at least we cut out the problem ASAP.

As for the argument to why Robinson should be allowed to finish the season, John Clayton does his damnedest, bless him. Even then, he could only muster six paragraphs before he ran out of defenses.
Robinson has done nothing to warrant keeping his job. Yet it doesn't do this program much good to ship him out before this season is over. Fire him, sure. But allow him to stay on until the season is over. To serve as a caretaker of sorts until Director of Athletics Daryl Gross plucks a new savior for this plagued program.

If you fired Robinson now, who would replace him? The obvious candidate would be offensive coordinator Mitch Browning. But as good a job as Browning has done with this offense, he's not a head coach. Never has been. Neither has anybody else on this staff on the collegiate level. Yes, Robinson's gameday coaching follies have been all-to common this season. But there's more to being a college football coach than calling the plays.
Sure it's tough but it's not like Robinson is doing it well to begin with. Of the things that come with being a head coach ("recruiting, administrative duties, dealing with the media"), Greg is horrible at all of them. How could the interim coach do any worse?

I see the logic behind this argument and if SU decides to do it, as I think they will, it won't make too much difference at this point. As long as the coaching search is ongoing and efficient in the meantime, I can live with it.

As long as he's gone by the time December starts, I'm cool.

On the Beat S1E9 from The Daily Orange on Vimeo.