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Greg Robinson Is In Awe Of Whatever It Is They're Doing At West Virginia

If I were Greg Robinson, I would only allow myself to say ten words at any given time before I had to step back, drink a sip of water and breathe. This way, I'd avoid run-on ramblings like this...
"West Virginia is unto themselves," said Robinson. "This is the Cadillac of spread offenses. Over the last four years. People have worked hard to emulate what they do. This has taken on a new dimension. I think their passing game is different. The formation and motion is more elaborate. I don't know if that's better or worse. Time will tell. I think they're trying to work their way through the thing. There's still carryover. It still comes down to people and how well they execute and how well we execute."
Damn. Started off so well. A nice compliment to WVU, that's kind. But then you just had to start down the road of implying what's wrong with the Mountaineers this season without actually saying the reason and then you got yourself all jumblafied. At that point, time will tell if Greg is going to insert "time will tell" into the discourse. And after that, well, I have no idea what Greg was trying to say. It's like he got stuck in a generalities vortex. Instead of a triple negative, Greg used a triple generality.

It's slightly impressive.

One day closer to seeing that Cadillac up close. But in the meantime, congrats. We're #103!