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Gigantic Roundup to Take You Into the Weekend

Tim Tebow talks about Coach Addazio of Florida who’s mentioned as a potential replacement for Greg Robinson:

"Pete Thamel’s Question: A lot of people are talking about Coach Addazio for the Syracuse job. The former players are pushing for him.

Tim Tebow’s Answer: I’ve heard that. He would be a great hire. People don’t realize how good of a coach he is. Unbelievable. A great coach. (Pauses.) But he’s fine here."

(H/T: Jason)

I always thought turning the ball over leads to losing. So even though the numbers (according to Coach P) are so eye-popping, this doesn’t seem to surprising.

(H/T: Adam)

The Athletic Department has well a lot of extra positions that are kind of unless, but we can’t fire them now and add to the nation’s unemployment rate. The TMQ checks out the situation for ESPN’s Page 2

(H/T: Dale)

I filled in for Sean and answered some questions for this week’s edition of Orange:44/Nunes.

Big Orange Bloggin’ Chuck is running a poll to determine the best/funniest sports movies EVER. Check it out, there’s a lot of goodies I had completely forgotten about.

Now for the videos:

Basketball Season Preview time via Kenny

If you want to see what I spend my Wednesday doing, I spent the day doing a story on exotic pets. That's why there was a lack of posting two days ago: