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Gerry McNamara's Body Continues To Reject The NBA

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Seriously, this is getting ridiculous. Gerry McNamara on a basketball court for a European basketball team, healthy as a horse. Put him in an NBA jersey, his body falls apart quicker than a Louisiana levee (too soon?).
I don't know what Gerry's religious beliefs are. I don't really care. (Unless his religion requires him to ring my doorbell at 8am on a Saturday. If so. his God is an asshole). But whether or not he believes in free will, a divine plan or that the universe is one giant crapshoot, surely he must recognize that SOMETHING is trying to prevent him from being able to make an NBA roster. Hopefully, he figures it out. ASAP.

Maybe it's karmic revenge from all the Big East teams Gerry felled during his time at Syracuse. Maybe it's the collective hatred that most non-Syracuse college basketball fans seem to have for him overtaking his soul. Maybe it's Dwight Schrute. Yes, the curse of Dwight Schrute...he who has a Gerry McNamara bobblehead on his desk. On The Office. Which Gerry has never watched.


Utah's Communications Coordinator has a blog up on the Jazz website and she's just
discovered the Gerry Bobblehead phenomena. But it's the note at the bottom that Gerry has never watched the show that's, well, disturbing:
"I don’t even watch it, but I’m waiting to get all the DVDs. My brother loves it. Most of my family loves it. It is pretty funny to see that my bobblehead is on such a big name show."
Gerry, clearly you don't know Dwight K. Schrute. He's not a beet farmer to be trifled with. Watch the show and respect what the man's done for you. Maybe then and only then, the planets and your ligaments will align just right and you will be an NBA star.

Oh, and if case you're hankering, Gerry says he's got a ton of those bobbleheads in his attic. So, feel free to swing by...