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Finally, Your Chance To Defeat Boeheim And Help Cancer

Honestly, I don't know if there's anything I can say that will do this justice...
The Ralph Crawford McDonald’s NBA Classic, a preseason contest between the Phoenix Suns and the Denver Nuggets, will include a table tennis exhibition featuring SU coach Jim Boeheim.

At halftime, Coach Boeheim has agreed to take on a member of the crowd in a one-on-one table-tennis exhibition. For every point Coach Boeheim scores, $75 will be donated to Coaches vs. Cancer. For every point his opponent gets, $150 will be donated to Coaches vs. Cancer.
What do you do? I mean, on one hand, you want to win, right? You want to dominate your opponent...Jimmy B would want it that way. But then again, if Jimmy doesn't score high, then he can't make any money to fight cancer. If Jimmy wins, Cancer loses. If you win, Cancer wins.

And I thought Greg Robinson was in a no-win situation...

All I know, as a reader of this blog, you have a duty, nay, an obligation, to enter this and play Jim Boeheim in table-tennis. It's a moral imperative.

Even if you don't get to play Jim, you still might have a chance to take on Kristof!, which is just as well:
Fans will have the opportunity to play table tennis against two members of the Syracuse men’s and women’s basketball teams in a doubles match. Those interested in participating can come to the backcourt beginning at 6:00 p.m. and take on the Orange for $5.00 per game. Participating fans will be automatically registered to win a $1,000 table-tennis table, autographed by the Syracuse men’s and women’s basketball teams, and donated by Total Table Tennis, Inc. All proceeds will go to Coaches vs. Cancer.
If you live in or around Syracuse and haven't purchased a ticket for this game so you can enter this contest, you are dead to me.