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Everybody Hurts

For the Syracuse Orange, it's hard enough when everyone's in one piece. But when some of our necessary players are injured, suppose it's worse...I guess.
Let's run down the list...
  • RB Delone Carter (hamstring) - "I'm reluctant to say anything now." - Greg Robinson. If only he'd live by that mantra more often.
  • WR Dan Sheeran (broken leg) - may be back for the Louisville game on November 1st.
  • LB Chad Battles (foot) - may also be back in time for Louisville.
  • LB Ryan Gillum (extra bone in foot) - Requires surgery, out for season.
Wait..."extra" bone in foot? Does that mean a bone chipped off inside his foot or did they discover a sixth toe? Does Ryan Gillum's skeleton include adamantium toes that give him superhuman strength? Probably not, cause then he wouldn't need surgery. Carry on.

But the Orange aren't the only ones banged up, this week's opponent USF has some important names recovering from injuries. Unfortunately for Syracuse, their recovery might coincide with this weekend's match-up:
South Florida starting defensive end George Selvie and starting linebacker Brouce Mompremier practiced with the first-team defense on Monday. Both were both injured at Florida International on Sept. 20. In trying to read Jim Leavitt-speak, McMurphy speculates they'll be ready to go against Syracuse.
Selvie, in case you weren't aware, is kinda good.

While we're on the topic of SU Football, looks like Donnie Webb was cc'd on another e-mail from an SU Football alum to DOC Gross. This time it's Jeff Danish ('98) who
throws his support behind Steve Addazio, who's either really good or has spent a fortune sending fruit baskets to everyone who has ever played football at SU.