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Eric Devendorf Is Tired Of Playing Your Geisha

The Make-A-Wish Foundation held the annual Ms. Orange Fan Luncheon this past weekend. It was an event that promoted charity, hope and of course fun. It also promoted the enslavement and auctioning off of the entire SU baksetball team for the personal gain of the luncheon's guests:
The luncheon was for ladies only, and about 600 of them came out to the Oncenter Sunday to support the cause. There were plenty of opportunities to mingle with Boeheim and the players and grab some autographs, and as an added bonus, the players were auctioned off to the highest bidders.
Sure, it sounds like harmless fun. But Kristof! is a gentle flower. And I can only imagine the pain and suffering he endured when his human rights were revoked, even briefly, and he became a playtoy for Central New York's female elite. Surely they had their way with him.
The luncheon sells out every year and this time around organizers expect to raise more than $65,000 to grant kids' wishes.
That $65,000 is tainted with Mookie Jones' lost innocence. What price, charity?