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Dr. Gross Is Out Wabbit Hunting

Well actually he may be out coach hunting, according to The New York Times, but fearless writer Donnie Webb reports Gross is denying the hunt for the next coach.

The Times said:

"A person with knowledge of the plan said the university was using Chuck Neinas, a vete
ran consultant and former commissioner of the Big Eight Conference, for assistance in hiring Robinson’s replacement."

I was personally hoping hunting dogs and men on horseback would be the ones out searching for a new head coach, but if the Times report is true I'll take Neinas who's got his act together.

hen Webb asked about the reported hiring of Neinas Gross responded:

"No, it would be inappropriate."

Hey Dr. Gross, you know what else was inappropriate? The answer is the hiring of the man with as many wins this season as the women's hockey team in its inaugural season.

The writer for the Times, Pete Thamel makes a pretty bold statement:

"Pete Thamel and posted online Wednesday night, reported that the enlistment of Neinas is a tangible step that the school is moving toward the dismissal of Robinson."

Really Pete? It's a step toward the dismissal of Robinson. Anyone within 100 miles of Syracuse know the chances of Robinson surviving the season are as bad as Syracuse making a bowl game.

If this report is true or false, it's another strike against Syracuse. It looks awful to the national audience to be denying a report that you've hired a guy to find a replacement for your coach.

It also looks awful to hire a guy to find a replacement for your current coach behind that's coach's back if yo
u haven't fired him yet.

The Orange Fizz makes a really good point about the validity of the hiring of Neinas:

"Thamel is a Syracuse grad and with it comes an underground network of Orange spies and eavesdroppers. He is also one of the most respected and accomplished investigative sports reporters in the country (see: Gate, Spy)." Gross Denies Syracuse has enlisted a search firm to identify candidates to replace Robinson.
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