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Don'te Doesn't Think Syracuse Likes Him

The guys at WAER continue to amaze with the high quality guests they've been bringing on and welcomed in over the weekend Donte' Greene.

WAER has the full interview up on its site. It's definitely worth the four minutes needed to listen to.

Greene said some things that were a little disturbing and a little untrue. The former 'Cuse freshman spoke about the amount of hate put on him after he made his decision to leave Syracuse. Greene was also upset about the blogs constantly criticizing him.

Now Donte' many of the blogs were upset over your decision, but I don't remember any of wonderful blogs in this community of Syracuse blogging going off on Donte'. I couldn't find any archived posts on here that bashed Donte'.

There were a few posts about the hate put on Donte' and/or poke fun to his situation.

Greene had his issues with facebook:

"It was thousands of times. People forwarded me the same message over and over. It was crazy. ‘You suck.’ "

Greene first deleted his wall on facebook after his 1000s of facebook friends decided they'd post on his was what they thought of his decision to go pro. Greene in the last few months has also completely deleted his facebook.

Greene has been the victim of a pretty witty promotion:

"If you wear your DONTE' LEAVE or your SU hoops Dynasty t-shirt to the game, you get a free level 200 ticket...You can also trade your t-shirt for an "Our Green is Staying" t-shirt, seen above.

That promo led to the desire to create your own Don'te Leave Shirt if you didn't have one.

Granted Donte' was sometimes a selfish player, a chucker, and didn't play a lot of defense, but Greene was still an explosive player that would have fit in nicely with this incredibly talented, deep team the Orange have for the 2009 season.

I'm on the record saying Greene leaving would hurt the team and always defended myself because I've always thought this current 'Cuse squad is very good, but not National Title good. Donte' Greene is the type of player needed to make a legitimate run to an NCAA Championship.

Brent Axe is with me on the Orange probably needs a Donte' Greene type player to win the national title:

"A starting five of Flynn, Devendorf, Greene, Onuaku, and Harris doesn't make you wonder? Just a little?

This is a team getting Top 25 hype as it is in a LOADED Big East Conference. Having a talent like Donte on the roster coming back would force all those experts to wedge Syracuse somewhere at the top of this league and higher in the polls."

Jameson is filling in while Sean is on vacation in parts unknown. If you have a tip, want to tell him he sucks, or shouldn't be writing in the third person, send it to him at