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DOCTOR Daryl Gross : bE Magazine :: Oprah : O Magazine

What were the odds that if Syracuse Athletics started their own magazine, the cover would be a photo of DOCTOR Daryl Gross in a position where he looks like he is the architect of and more important than the entire SU sports program? 1 to 1,000,000?

I suppose the caption "I brought this to you people, thank me later" would have been a bit much.

That's the first issue of bE (be Extraordinary) Magazine and, I'm quite certain, not the last to feature Gross on the cover over, say, Jim Boeheim or John Desko. I haven't gotten my copy yet but
Get Gross Out has already perused theirs to see what's inside and how long it take to get to an article about Nike:
Inside you will find a letter from DOCTOR Daryl Gross explaining the new magazine and talking about some of the features you will see in the magazine including a word from all of our great coaches. Noticeably absent from the coaches listing was swimming and diving coach Lou Walker. No bother though, I'll just tell the kids that are still competing in NCAA events for the Syracuse swimming and diving team that they are irrelevant.

I was impressed. That is, until I got to the feature on Nike. Like most other Syracuse related material these days, there was a big old Nike Swoosh in the middle of the page. They talked with the Director of College Marketing for Nike who told us nothing that we didn't already know. I'm really not sure what the piece on Nike had to do with the fact that Syracuse Athletics is Extraordinary, but then again I guess DOCTOR Daryl Gross had to pay for the circulation somehow.
Looks like it's a quarterly which means the next issue will be Winter 2008. Question is, will the cover be a photo of DOCTOR Gross inside the new Syracuse private jet, DOCTOR Gross with arms around Jim Boeheim and Quentin Hillsman or DOCTOR Gross urinating on Mike Hopkins office door? The anticipation is killing me...