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Bread-Related Notes And Such

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It's a gameweek and you know what that means. All that money you've been socking away for food in case your stocks tumble even further might just be freed up for other things, such as water, shelter or terrorist-repelling duct tape.

The Every Wednesday of the Football Season Magic HappyTime Contest is back and it's time to find out how you can win a $20 Gift Card to Panera Bread. This week's game is a homecoming of sorts for SU kicker, reformed fattie and all-around Team MVP Patrick Shadle. He's from Morgantown and he spurned the Mountaineers for the Orange when SU offered him a scholarship. It's paying dividends for Pat and now it can pay dividends for you.

The question of the day and right to win the giftcard is...HOW MANY POINTS WILL PATRICK SHADLE SCORE ON SATURDAY?

I assume I don't have to explain this but, that's one point for each extra point and three points for every field goal. Your answer could be 0. Your answer could be 24. Your answer will probably be somewhere in between.

As for the tie-breaker, tell me how many overall kicks (made or missed) Shadle will have in the entire game. That's total extra point attempts and field goal attempts.

Leave your answers for both questions in the comments below and then wait til Saturday to find out if you won. Good luck and thanks as usual to
Panera Bread and our generous benefactor at The Sport Hump.

Oh and speaking on Saturday, after the game make sure you turn on the radio and head over to
WAER 88.3 FM at 8pm EST to listen to SportsNight where they'll be discussing the search for the next Syracuse Football Coach. They'll be talking to "as many former SU players, coaches, and notable alumni with opinions we can find" as well as "a
national college football writer." They'll also profile many of the leading candidates such as Turner Gill, Skip Holtz, Lloyd Carr, Mitch Browning, Lane Kiffin and Steve Addazzio. That's must-listen stuff for any SU fan.