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Bill Stewart Is Very Sweet

The Battle for the Ben Schwartzwalder Trophy is upon us, or West Virginia Hate Week if you please, and that means it's time for the coaches to talk up the other team as if they're actually good. It's a little bit of an easier task for Greg Robinson as the Mountaineers do actually have some positives:
"There is a lot of skill on that field," Robinson said in talking about WVU. "It starts at the quarterback position (and senior Pat White). They have a corps of receivers that are play-maker type people. When they get their hands on the ball they know what to do with it."
Compared to our receivers who start screaming and running out of the stadium when they catch the ball?

Bill Stewart, on the other hand, has a Herculean task at hand. Play up the danger that the Syracuse football team presents to his team. He's no Lou Holtz but Stewart holds his own in the category of exaggerating the threat level lining up across from him:
"The film is very impressive in very many spots."
Actually I think Bill is talking about The Express for that one.
"Their offense is impressive."

"On their defense, I think they've got a really good secondary. I know I recruited Nico Scott, one of their cornerbacks. A.J. Brown is a good player. I know his high school coach. I recruited Scott. The linebackers look like they're flying around and playing well. And of course, Syracuse is always going to have a tough defensive front."
Bless you, Bill Stewart. You're trying. Much more so than this guy who has a rather damning comparison to make about SU football:
Overall, this Syracuse team will likely be the worst team the Mountaineers face this season, including the Football Championship Division Villanova Wildcats.
Good news for SU though, it looks like Delone Carter is going to be back in action this weekend, according to Greggers:
"He practiced yesterday, and I was pleased with the work."
If its good enough for Greg, it's good enough for, well, anyone I suppose.
"Delone is going to be ready to roll."
Added Robinson, "...his ankle and be out for another 3-4 weeks."

Antwon Bailey, make yourself comfy on the sidelines. Oh, and you can leave that red shirt anywhere, you don't need it anymore...