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The Battle For Shadle's Heart Draw Near

The feeling in the air is pretty somber in regards to the SU-West Virginia game this Saturday. The Orange are putting on a brave face but we all know better. Thankfully Greg is there to put it all in perspective:
"The thing I know about this team is that we still have room to grow and develop."
Someone should probably tell him he doesn't have a 9-year contract.

Some West Virginia players aren't looking past Syracuse, or at least that's what they're saying. That's sweet of them. About the only person who seems genuinely excited about the entire game is Pat Shadle, who will be playing in front of his hometown for the 2nd and final time. He's also excited about forcing Mountaineer fans to get more creative with their taunting:
"All the comments are about being big and being heavy," Shadle said. "I don't fit into that category this year. I'm pretty excited to go down there and avoid some of that trash talking."
Pat, wish as you might, something tells me they'll find a new and exciting way to trash talk you. Don't you worry. But Shadle has other things to worry the big family get-together planned for the weekend at his home:
Marcia Shadle is preparing to host some 20 overnight guests this weekend at her home in Morgantown. Family and friends are gathering in preparation for the Syracuse-West Virginia football game Saturday. Shadle's relatives and friendsare streaming in from everywhere for the game.

Shadle said the guest list at his parents' home includes a half-dozen sets of aunts and uncles from Canton, Ohio. For the occasion, he said his mom will prepare a serious Morgantown spread - probably stromboli and spaghetti and meatballs.
Dammit Patrick, don't you watch The Biggest Loser!?! It's those strombolis and meatballs that got you in the position you were in! Be strong, slim Shady...stick to the salad (dressing on the side) and the appropriate portion of protein and carbohydrates (no bigger than your fist). Willpower, my man.

You can understand why Pat is excited though. He'll be in Morgantown. It's not just where he grew up but it's also
one of the Best Sport Cities in America. Say what now? So what exactly do they have besides West Virginia football and, uh, West Virginia basketball? Nothing. As Brent Axe puts it, how are they on there over Syracuse, which boasts not only SU but many other pro and semi-pro sports teams?

I'd say that the editor of that list must be a West Virginia grad but we all know WVU grads can't write, so...