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Appeal-ing Information 10/3

Every time updates it's Orange Appeal section, we take a closer look to determine what this random sampling really says about the SU athlete, and to a larger extent, society.

What super power would you most like to have?

First of all, Jay Koloseus, you ALREADY have the power to do anything. Your name is JAY KOLOSEUS! Fuck Cross Country, start preventing crimes with your mind!

Please God, make Danielle and Sarah into birds, so that they can fly far, far far away from here.

Favorite Nickelodeon Cartoon?

This one just makes me feel really old. When I was a young lad, Nickelodeon was all about You Can't Do That On Television, Danger Mouse and Double Dare. Now THAT was a Nickelodeon you could set your watch to. All this Rugrat business is just horsepuckey.

XBox, Playstation or Wii?

How about Studying, Learning or Reading? Don't you think that would be a more appropriate question, Syracuse? This is an institute of higher learning and last time I checked, Guitar Hero was not a major. Just a minor. Least is should be.