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And In Non-Sexual-Assault-Related News...

While we enjoy the quiet before the storm, what else is going on with SU football???

Quick, look to the future! Some
highlights of SU recruit Alec Lemon have popped up on ESPN. Enjoy them now before he de-commits and goes to Buffalo.

Greggers tells News 10 that Antwon Bailey's insertion into the Pittsburgh game, however ill-timed, was
not a one-time deal. Expect to see Bailey again this season. (Well I should hope so cause he can't redshirt now...)

Donnie Webb
adds some nuggets of thought on Lane Kiffin. He also finally bites the bullet and calls Lloyd Carr's office to confirm the rumor. No return call. But SU's vice president of public affairs Kevin Quinn did issue a note that Gross has not met with or spoken with Carr. So for now, yes, we will move on. The weirdest part in all of this...Lloyd Carr has an office? At what job?

You know how SU football recruits, what few there are, are dropping like flies? Well this should make you feel a little better...
so are Rutgers'!