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The Amazing Kristof!

Normally I just send thse SUAthletics "Catching Up With..." pieces to the linkdump but today it's Kristof! and so we must discuss it. First things first...

I want an official ruling on the proper enunciation of his last name.

"O-ga-not" OR "On-ja-know?"

You're gonna write me and tell me "you're an idiots, of course its..." but if you've watched any SU basketball games on TV or listen to any radio broadcasts you know that his last name is pronounced differently at will. Fact-checking be damned. I'm pretty sure it's "On-ja-know" and the other way is just how lazy Americans pronounce it, but I need clarity.

Kristof! spent most of his summer back in Belgium, where his family speaks "Dutch, just Dutch. No French, no English, just Dutch." Alrighty then.

Asked what the difference has been between playing at a junior college and playing at SU, the game's the same, it's just everything else around it:
Definitely pressure was the first thing that was really obvious. I was used to playing for one, two, three hundred people. There is a lot at stake too outside of basketball and just other people in general. When you are in the game and just doing your plays and doing what you’re supposed to do, it’s pretty much the same thing. It’s just the beginning and the whole pressure. Except for that, its the same. It's basketball.
Kristof! says he wants to start this season with the same intensity he had during the last one. I can only assume that means plenty more fast break, soul-crushing dunks over opponents.