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You Know, Greg May Just Not Know What Fatigue Is...

These days, I take nothing for granted when it comes from ol' Greggers. When asked if he agreed with some comments made by Northwestern players that the Orange defense looked fatigued at the end of the game, Robinson defended his players with an air-tight open-and-close definitive answer:
"I don't think our team was all that tired."
Problem solved, thanks! I know it's weird, cause from where I was sitting and where you were sitting and where every other single person who was watching the game was sitting, they looked fatigued. And the guys lining up against them noticed it as well. But you can't argue with Greg. Case closed. Cancel those strength and conditioning drills in practice this week...don't need'm.

In shocker of shocks, Robinson then coyly admitted that training camp might not have been the slobberknockerfest we all knew it wasn't.
"I just don't know you can go live enough, and maybe that's just my paranoia of getting too many people banged up during camp."
Like I always say, a healthy 0-12 is much better than a banged-up 8-4. But fear not, Orange fans. Your biggest defensive concern, the bad tackling, will be a thing of the past soon. How do I know? Because Greg Robinson laid out a ten-step plan for improving the tackling skills of the D and putting them in the right mindset. When asked if the team will respond and improve it's tackling.
"We will be. I know we will."
I'm sold. I mean, if there's anyone whose opinion I can trust because he's always been truthful and honest rather than just spouting off generalities in order to keep the peace as long as he's Greg.