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Who Moved Greg Robinson's Cheese?

Pitt is currently a 15 1/2 point favorite as they come into the Dome tomorrow to face the Orange. By all accounts the Panthers are expected to win against a Syracuse team that way too excited in its close win over Northeastern.

But coach Dave Wannstedt isn't one to just rest on expectations. No, sir. Wanny fears the worst. Wanny thrive on fear. Fear is actually what nourishes his moustache to make it so bushy and vibrant.

And so, he's not about to let his players think they're going to walk into the Dome expecting a gimme win. He's going to carefully manipulate them with metaphorical wordplay that will instill in them a sense of determination and unwavering focus to make every play and every moment count. Figurative mousetraps, if you will.

Or he's going to set up actual mousetraps in their locker room. Either/or.
Well, I think the coaches are very aware of it because there are mouse traps hanging around the hallways at the practice facility and players are talking about the "trap game".
Mind you, this isn't new for Wanny. Back in 2002, the 'Stache hung lobster traps in the Miami Dolphins locker room to remind the players not to get too confident. It not working at all.

What I want to know it, what poor assistant was out late last night at WalMart haggling with the sales clerk over how many mousetraps they had in the back room before rushing off to the practice facility to carefully hang them? Then again, why does something tell me that it was Wannstedt himself, who clearly didn't have anything better to do.