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When In Doubt, Blame Pasqualoni

It took Greg Robinson four years to figure out the only logical way to explain away how terrible things have been at SU during his tenure. Blame the guy we all love to blame...his predecessor Paul Pasqualoni:
It's pretty obvious I would have liked to have won more games to this point," Robinson said. "I really didn't have that much knowledge of where the program was at that point [when he took over from Paul Pasqualoni in 2005]. There was a lot of work to be done."
HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Boy, that's a bold statement, my friend. I will be the LAST person to defend Paul Pasqualoni but at least that guy took used to take us to bowl games, even if they were crappy bowl games. Unlike you, Greggers, with whom a bowl berth remains as elusive a prize as the Fountain of Youth.

It's Pasqualoni's fault
Central Michigan is out-recruiting us? It's Pasqualoni's fault our starting quarterback this season was, in your own words, not prepared or in good condition to play? It's Pasqualoni's fault we have a makeshift wide receiving corp with no depth? It's Pasqualoni's fault the defense is a disaster?

At the end of the day that last comment says a lot. Greg didn't know what the condition of Syracuse's program because he didn't care where he became a head coach, as long as he got the title. He just wanted to join a club that would have him as a member. If you wonder why fans and alumni are always on the lookout for a couch who's "one of us," the Greg Robinson Era explains why.

It'll be morbidly fun watching Greg dig himself deeper with every comment from here on out. He's thrown Pasqualoni under the bus and started throwing his players under the bus over the weekend, let's see who's next. Assistant coaches? Daryl Gross? Jim Boeheim? Sarah Palin's unborn grandchild? The sky's the limit.