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We've Had A Rough Year, Dad

Syracuse fans are Chas Tenenbaum, I've decided.

We get up in the morning, put on our orange Adidas jump suit and spent every waking moment planning or and expecting the worst to happen. Every outside influence is a nuisance and a deterrent from desire to wallow in our own misery. And the more you push us, the more we throw our hands up in defeat and yell ineffective rants to no on in particular. Until finally, much like Chas, we just can't take it any
Chas: I've had a rough year, dad.
Royal: I know you have, Chassie.
If Russionator's rant over at Three Idiots isn't a clear sign of that, I don't know what is:
The greatest thing about sports (and there are a lot of great things) is the pure unpredictability of it all. Everyone loves an underdog and everyone loves the fact that a team like Appalachian State can beat Michigan (everyone but Lloyd Carr). Sports fans love discussing the endless possibilities in between games. For Syracuse football fans, we've been robbed of the unpredictability that makes this whole damn thing so much fun.

In the good old days, these forums were filled with discussions regarding the upcoming match up, trash talk with other fans, and boastful predictions that didn't need to be rooted in fact. Hey, if your team has a chance, you know damn well you can talk shit to your opponent, because there's a CHANCE that your alcohol-fueled trash talk could come true. As it stands now, there's no chance.
Somebody get that guy's shoelaces and belt. Russy, we feel your pain. Let us all put on our orange Adidas suits together and hold hands. No homo.

The local media is certainly not immune to the feelings as well. Donnie Webb pieces together
the many morbid things hanging over Syracuse football at the moment:
The misery index right now is off the charts. You think it can't get worse, and all it does is prove you wrong again and again. The Ernie Davis statue, however well meaning and beautiful along with a fabulous ceremony, turned into the latest symbolic fiasco that has befallen the Syracuse University football program. How in the world could SU let that happen?
We've been asking ourselves that very question the whole time. Oh and then there's this...
Here's another sign of the times - there were exactly three members of the city/state media in the football cafeteria Wednesday afternoon for player interviews (myself, John Kekis of AP and Chris Watson of 10 News Now). There were six or so student representatives (DO, WAER, Citrus TV) and three from in-house services (All-Access). Greg Robinson's Tuesday press conference lasted 8 minutes. Everyone has pretty much hit the wall.
Even Greg Robinson is tired of Greg Robinson at this point. Is Daryl Gross still alive? Can he do something? ANYTHING?

(AP Photo/Kevin Rivoli)