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We're A Multiple Breadwinner Household

I built in a tie-breaker for last week's Every Wednesday of the Football Season Magic HappyTime Contest, to predict the final score. This way, if we had a tie we'd be able to pick a winner. Well, we had a tie. So we went to the tiebreaker. And that solved...nothing.

Three people correctly guessed that Penn State would win by 42 points. One of them, Week 1 Winner Imisseditnews, was bullish on SU's ability to score and predicted a 63-21 final score. The other two people who picked 42 both said the final score would be 52-10. Close enough. And so congrats to Sportzbelle and Matt M., this week's winner. Since you're splitting the prize, you'll both receive a Panera Gift Card for $10. Still go enough for a hot panini sandwich to make you forget about all your SU-related troubles.

Email me with your addys and the card if yours. For everyone else, we'll announce the next contest on Wednesday.