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Well Played, SU Athletics

A special golf clap has to go out to and their recap of the SU-Northwestern game. They capture all the right tones and know exactly what to not mention until they absolutely have to...
EVANSTON, ILL. – Senior running back Curtis Brinkley scored the first touchdown of the year in Syracuse's season opener at Northwestern, as the Orange rushed for 122 yards against the Wildcats. Brinkley's score was set up by sophomore defensive end Jared Kimmel's forced fumble which was recovered by senior Vincenzo Giruzzi, the first fumble recovery of his career. Northwestern won the game, 30-10.
Oh, by the way, Northwestern won 30-10. We know you're not really interested in the actual score of the game but we figure we'll throw it in there somewhere...just in case...

(Photo: WNUR)