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We Be Chattin'

TNIAAM Bylaw 17.9.j.2 - Anytime a winless Syracuse football team takes on a 1-AA team in a must-win game and it's players feel the need to guarantee a victory, TNIAAM shall host an online chat during the game to record the final moments of Syracuse fans before they commit seppuku in the event Syracuse loses.

And so it shall be done. If your'e gonna be home watching the game on your TV or on your 'puter, you might as well join us so we can share the shame. If you're going to the game, bring a laptop. If it's anything like last time, brush up on your Olive Garden commercial're gonna need it.

(Why is the guy from Human Giant in that OG commercial, by the way? Please tell me it was some sort of elaborate performance art piece)

Saturday. 3:00pm EST. Be here. Prepared. I'm pretty sure this question is gonna come up again, so be ready...