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We All Just Want Some Game-Used Balls

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GetGrossOut, who has been getting some serious pub this week thanks to DOCTOR Gross' antics, has a fantastic post up right now entitled The Daryl Gross Marketing Machine At Work. In it, he takes note of the fabulous relationship SU has with Steiner Sports Collectibles. As Daryl Gross put it in his email to SU alumni and fans...
We have entered into an agreement with Steiner Sports Memorabilia to form Syracuse-Steiner Collectibles which will carry an exclusive line of SU memorabilia and keepsake items. Through this arrangement, you can get one of a kind SU autographed, game-used, and unsigned sports collectibles.
There's some good stuff on their site, even if its insanely priced. Lots of jerseys and autographs and framed photos if you're into those sorts of things. There's also some curious choices as well, including a jersey worn by former SU O-lineman Carroll Madison. You remember him, right? No? Good, cause neither did I. Oh, and it's selling for $299.

GGO's proprietor had a plan. He had only $200 in his allotted "Syracuse-related items" fund for the year and he wanted to make them count. So, he emailed DOCTOR Gross to see if the Gross thought he should go with the game-used football from last year's Louisville win or the one from last year's Buffalo win? Gross' response?
I would be glad to buy you something. Just pick it out.


It goes on from there. Take a gander, will ya? Not to get too spoilery for you but, Scott's still waiting for his game-used balls. Aren't we all, though?